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And one more thing: his videos should definitely be taken with a grain of salt, as he's not really one to be serious all the time. He also has an album which can be purchased off of Bandcamp for or downloaded for free off of Mediafire.I've known Jay for almost 7 years now, and this is just a part of him really.

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The Legend of Zelda Simdate is a version for adult only. You must win her heart if you would like to go further with this character.Come 2020, Adobe will discontinue support, and content creators will do what they've mostly already done: move on to other, more reliable platforms like HTML5.This doesn't mean that all current uses of Adobe Flash will disappear overnight, but they'll likely fall into disrepair over the next few years.Flash—especially the Flash Player media applet—is notoriously slow, unwieldy, and prone to error. But for videogames, and in particular for the epoch of videogames that marked my formative digital years, the loss of Flash is a quiet, rolling tragedy.For the young internet, Macromedia's Flash Player (this was before Adobe acquired the company) was like fire from the heavens.

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