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The findings are among the results of a survey of more than 600 students around the country conducted on behalf of University College Cork student magazine Motley.The survey also found that: - More than 7% of respondents said they had never used contraception; - 14% said they had had a threesome; - 10% said they had not had sex in a year; - 14% had had sex with someone they met through the internet and two thirds said it had been a negative experience; - More than 70% had sent a “sext”; - 14% said they had webcam sex at least once; - 22% said they had cheated on their partner; - Almost 11% said they had had between 11 and 20 sexual partners; - 10% said they had contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI); - 90% said they had had unprotected oral sex.Feminists have traditionally argued a significant double standard exists between how men and women are judged for promiscuity.Historically, stereotypes of the promiscuous woman have tended to be negative, such as "the slut" or "the harlot", while male stereotypes have been more varied, some expressing approval, such as "the stud" or "the player", while others imply societal deviance, such as "the womanizer" or "the philanderer".

In the same way that other apps can help you locate a good deal on a used car with navigation, new tires, and a back-up camera, sex finder apps can put you in contact with any number of nearby potential sex partners.

Finding Your Cup of Tea In today's digital world, casual sex is easier to find and experience than ever.

Thanks to "adult friend finder" websites and apps, nearly anyone looking for a no-strings-attached sexual encounter can find one quickly and easily.

On the issue of people meeting through the internet or social media, many use apps such as Tinder.

About 16% of respondents said they had met someone through a mobile dating service.

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