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That love and that commitment represent the "bottom line" that determines all your thoughts, choices, and actions with reference to individuals of the opposite sex.

In every circumstance, your love for your spouse and your commitment to your marriage should be your guiding principles.

They introduce us to the diversity of human nature as well as teach us how difficult it can be to get along.

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Or is your source a total drama queen who enjoys stirring up the pot?

There are, however, several reasons we should reconnect with our roots and reach out to those who once were a fundamental part of our lives.

Here are seven of them: Meeting up with old friends brings an air of youth along with it.

It brings memories rushing to the forefront of our minds, allowing us to bask in the warmth. It reminds us of the way things once were, the happiness that we experienced growing up, and all the wonder.

If you have no other reason to contact any of your old friends, then do it for the sake of the smile it'll bring to your face.

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