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It’s a short, free game which creator ’empty fortress’ describes as “the first gay dating sim made to game industry standards” because everything squishy is guns.

“Includes none of the scary body parts usually involved in gay romance, the only naughty bits on display are all ESRB-approved and gamer-friendly,” empty fortress says, the cheeky little scamp.

Serial sections allowed identification of a subcutaneous cyst.

The wall was epidermoid and connected with several pilosebaceous units.

I could go on at you about how weird our culture is in its different attitudes to sex and violence, but neither you nor I want that first thing on a Monday morning.

Besides, any sentiment I might express is a whole lot more fun in Gat Life: Boyfriend Bar.

We report a young Caucasian who had an important swelling of the penis dating back several months.

A dermoid cyst of the penis has not been documented previously in the literature.

A cutaneous sinus discharging purulent material was also noted above the mass.

Laboratory tests including serology for syphilis and bacteriologic examination were negative.

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