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As compared to most Android smartphones, the amount of the storage on the top-of-the-line i Phone seems to be no bigger than a gym locker.

As unlike Android smartphones, Apple doesn’t provide a micro SD card slot to extend the storage on your i OS device.

Hence you are limited to use the puny space if you are on a lower budget.

With the launch of newer i Phone 6 variants, you have higher storage options, however, they don't come as cheap.

The purpose of Traffick Cam is to create a database of hotel room images that an investigator can efficiently search, in order to find other images that were taken in the same location as an image that is part of an investigation.

I just saw this on Facebook and downloaded it as I'm staying in a hotel for a couple of days.

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I have tried this app on three different occasions now.At first you might think its price tag is a bit steep for a device that straps your i Phone to your chest, but it's not too bad once you consider all of the benefits.The great thing about Mi Veu is that it comes with its own custom designed optical glass lens, extending the viewing angle of the i Phone's camera to capture wide angled shots.That way, differences in the usual ages of users of one smartphone type or another couldn't affect the results.Among Android users aged 30, the average man had accumulated six sexual partners in his lifetime, while the average woman had accumulated 6.1.

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