Updating maven dependencies eclipse

Why did Eclipse not download and import these dependencies by themselves from the maven repository ??Is it a bug in Eclipse or some problem from my side . My POM: Both these artifacts were not downloaded for eclipse and there jars found and were not present in the folder for Maven Dependencies and were subsequently giving errors in Eclipse.

That is to say the warnings disappear in the Markers view.

Yup, tried that, restarted Eclipse but still get the same compilation errors (errors that don't occur when I run a Maven build on the command line) indicating that my Maven dependencies weren't updated, when they were.

as it doesn't give the best results (as you're seeing).

Now, I'll create an External Tool configuration so that I can run the maven eclipse:eclipse goal in Eclipse. I would have used a : instead of a ~ but Eclipse doesn't allow colons in the name field. The Working Directory is an Eclipse variable that specifies the currently selected project's location in the file system.

I'll create the configuration with the following features. The Arguments field specifies "eclipse:eclipse", the maven goal that we'd like to execute.

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