Fat chicks dating in cleveland

People sure don’t like sharing their break up stories when they know they’ll be published online! He drops off a box on my front steps of all the pictures of us, letters, and gifts I’d ever given him. He comes to pick up the box, we meet on my front porch. That would be the first time I ever full on slapped someone in the face. We were freshmen in college and weren’t technically dating so much as messing around.

We invited a few CPT artists to share memorable relationship blunders with us and a few brave souls responded to the call. It took me less than two weeks to forgive him and act like absolutely nothing had happened. (You’re probably thinking I needed new friends as well as a new boyfriend, but that isn’t part of this break up story). One particularly provocative picture I’d taken as a surprise for him was neatly ripped into pieces and placed in a pile in the box. Although, I did purposely keep his NYC Monopoly set. He now has two illegitimate children, has gained about 30 pounds, and has a disgusting neck tattoo. After a few weeks of this, in the middle of a semi-clothed make out session, the topic of dating came up and the young man casually informed me that he had a girlfriend still in high school. Which he said was totally OK because ‘she doesn’t have any idea about this, so it’s not cheating’.

But something does seem shallow about a dating event that's only focused on looks.

But earlier this month, when a NYC-based speed dating organization held an event for skinny people only, they created a bit of controversy.

The event description read:"We all have relationship 'deal-breakers', and that does not make us shallow, we're just single New Yorkers that know what we want and are attracted to."Agreed.

In fact, the fatter, the better and in this online dating community, if you're a fat bastard, our members will love you and be queuing up for a date with this glorious, single fat bastard – you'll even find them asking how you're still single?!

If this isn't quite tempting enough then remember, sign up is completely free and there's no obligation to pay a penny until you're comfortable with the site and you've found a fellow fat bastard worth contacting.

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